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Staff and Program Managers


Samantha began volunteering for MWRC in 2015 when her oldest child was in 3rd grade.  Since then, she has been involved in almost every aspect of River-Lab, from Trip Leading to assisting with Gear Management.  Her love of the outdoors began at Girl Scout camp in Kent, CT,  and she continues to be amazed by nature, learning more each day. Every time she leads a Study Trip, she feels lucky to be able to share her passion with students and hopes to extend River-Lab’s impact.  Samantha holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and has been a group fitness instructor for over 30 years. A native of Wilton, CT, Samantha lives happily nestled in Stratfield on the edge of a wetland, with her husband, David and their kids.


Missy joined MRWC in 2021 as the Educate Coordinator. She handles the scheduling of all the River-Lab trips and labs, communicates with the schools, trip and lab leaders and volunteers concerning our programs, and supports the other teams within MRWC when needed. Prior to joining the organization, Missy volunteered at Osborn Hill Elementary School and Fairfield Woods Middle School, in the classroom, on various committees, and volunteered for River-Lab trips. Missy lives in Fairfield with her husband Jon and their three sons.


Nikki currently serves as the Curriculum Director at MRWC.  Nikki originally volunteered for River-Lab trips with her children's classrooms but soon became involved in all segments of the program.  Her teaching background made her the natural leader of the committee to realign the curriculum to the Next Generation Science Standards.  Nikki continues to update the River Lab programs for current curricular standards and grade level relevance.  She lives in Fairfield with her husband and three sons. 

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