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Youth Programs


MRWC specialists can provide hands-on activities to your youth or adult groups to help them appreciate and understand their natural surroundings. These programs are flexible and can take place at our outdoor classroom on Sturges Road in Fairfield, one of the other open spaces near you, or inside your building. For more information, contact

Who can participate?: Scouts, homeschool co-ops, preschools, neighborhoods, organizations, business groups, philanthropic organizations

Our programs:  Experiences are tailored to meet your needs, based on the ages and interests of your group and designed for your chosen location.

  • A Nature Scavenger Hunt - An activity to explore local surroundings

  • A Tail of Two Beaks - Adaptations of plants and animals. 

  • Developed and Undeveloped Land Comparison - What are the impacts of humans?

  • Nature’s Tapestry - Complex relationships among living and nonliving things in a watershed

  • Pollinators and Seeds - The role of plants in a healthy environment

  • Salty Secrets of the Sound - The critical role of an estuary.

  • The Meandering River - How does the river affects the land, plants and animals?

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