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School and Home-Based Education

Educational opportunities for private, parochial, charter or home schools can reflect the modules of the River-Lab program. Curriculum can build upon recurring concepts over time, or be offered as a single visit or trip with a general environmental focus.  Classes led by MRWC specialists can be done in labs, classrooms or as field experiences, even if rivers or larger water bodies are not accessible.

Can all types of students, in all communities participate in River-Lab? Yes!  Because river basin systems cover the entire Earth, the River-Lab program can be applicable in any geographic location, with adaptations we can provide.  Each grade level module is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, but can also be modified for age appropriateness.

Let us enrich your program!  To offer one or more of the River-Lab modules to your students, please contact to schedule and get additional information.

Fees:  Each module of the River-Lab program can be offered separately or as part of the full curriculum.  A single classroom visit begins at $250 for a 90-minute program and includes the instructors, student and lab materials and all extension activities. If you are interested in obtaining materials to implement our programs independently, please contact us for more details.

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