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River-Lab Grade 7



Our Estuary Unit takes seventh graders to the Ash Creek Estuary and the surrounding Penfield Mills Open Space in the spring. They engage in the invaluable and unique experience of seeing the estuary in action! With 25 acres of shoreline, salt marsh, and marginal trails at their feet, students are immersed in a wide variety of microhabitats and estuarine conditions. Study trips take place during low tide which allows for exploration within the intertidal zone. Direct interaction with this ever-changing environment allows students to answer questions and wonder about ways that biotic, abiotic, and human impact factors affect the health of the ecosystem. 


Upon arrival, students immediately hit the trails with one of our expert guides in small collaborative groups. Working together at each trail point, students use a variety of tools to make each investigation unique, fun, and engaging. Student inquiry is supported through the use of questioning strategies and scientific methods. They also record their findings with the goal of further classroom discussion. 

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