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River-Lab Grade 5


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For our Ecosystem Lab Unit, we bring the phenomena of plankton right to the school! Fifth graders engage in a classroom lab, led by an experienced Lab Leader, to identify plankton and other microscopic organisms that live in the water at Mill River. Students use microscopes to view plankton from water samples found at Perry’s Mill Ponds (the same location they visited for their Groundwater System unit study trip). We strive for each child to understand how plankton have a vital role in supporting the biodiversity and interdependent relationships of the Mill River, the marsh ecosystem and the watershed as a whole. 

Lively discussion is encouraged as students share their findings with each other and record the type and number of plankton observed. The Lab Leader also uses a high powered microscope and the large classroom screen to share their findings and wonder about these tiny organisms which now appear to be HUGE!

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