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River-Lab Grade 4


OHS erosion river (1).jpg

For our Erosion unit, fourth graders meet at Mill River to investigate how water shapes the land and creates habitats. Students dig in and construct a model river in the soil, identify the parts of the river, and predict what will happen when water is added. Each child participates in creating rainstorms and delights in watching the river flow!  By directly observing how the water moves through and changes the land, they will understand the processes of erosion, sorting and deposition as well as the pattern of the river and habitat creation. Fun props help to illustrate the way the river basin system works! 


Small student groups, led by staff and volunteers, then explore the trail to further reinforce concepts while enjoying a fun, hands-on environmental experience at four trail points. Throughout the trip, students are encouraged to collaborate and wonder about the natural setting around them. 

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