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Mill River Wetland Committee has a simple mission:
To educate the community about the value of watersheds, to advocate for their continued protection, and to engage all people in the fight to protect our environment.

May 18 - Sept 1

Visit the new exhibit at the Fairfield Museum and History Center that highlights Joy Shaw and her development of the River Lab Program:  Pioneering Conservation: From Mabel Osgood Wright to Today.  

Kids learning outside at Mill River
mrwc red.jpg

Every year, the MRWC teaches 3,300 students about the importance of watersheds. Our River-Lab program is a model of environmental science education.


Mill River during Autumn
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When the watershed is involved, MRWC promotes the interests of conservation and sustainable development.


2017 Eagle Scout Project 2.JPG
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Learning doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom. MRWC works with the whole community to become educated about the watershed we share.


Water Monitoring Here in Fairfield!

Our Water Monitoring Data is collected from volunteers around Fairfield. Check out our Engage page to see how you can get involved.



Years of Our Mission


Students educated in our programming each year


Study Units

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